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2,4-D AMINE 600

Hasten NT Ultra

Hasten NT is an environmentally friendly product, made with ethylated vegetable oils. The “NT” in Hasten NT stands for “New Technology”. Hasten NT is a superior penetrator of waxy cuticles of weeds and increases pesticide absorption. Hasten NT wets and spreads the spray solution over the surface area of weeds increasing coverage by reducing the surface tension.



Esplanade SC is advancing weed control. Unlike anything else on the market, this pre-emergent herbicide features a new mode of action, providing effective, long-lasting control. Developed for the industrial vegetation management industry, Esplanade is ideal for use around railroads, roadsides, industrial sites and utility rights-of-way.

Bayer Herbicides

Concentrated Indicator

Concentrated Indicator Blue is an industrial strength, concentrated liquid spray marker. Highly visible spray marker that prevents costly skips or overlaps and indicates drift and improper application.​


Indicator Blue WSP

Blue Water Soluble Packet spray marker. Convenient to use. Use 1 packet per 380 Litres of water. Rates can be adjusted as required. 

Odour Mask

Odour Masking Agent used to reduce offensive smells in pest management applications.


Affordable and effective for thistle and vetch control in many crops. Pyralid Herbicide is for the control of perennial and annual broadleaved weeds in field crops, Christmas tree plantations, pasture, rangeland, vegetable and fruit crops, and non-cropland. 

BASF Herbicides

Telar XP

Telar® XP is a broad-spectrum selective herbicide that can be used to control invasive weeds while promoting desirable grasses. Telar XP delivers strong foliar activity and long-lasting residual control without harming most grass species. Some of the areas Telar can be used include railroads, utility, airports, fence lines and highway rights-of-way.


When application selectivity is as important as effective weed and brush control vegetation managers can depend on Navius®. With no grazing or haying restrictions. Navius can be used on rights of way, roadsides, industrial sites, fence lines and other non-crop areas. It delivers extended, broad-spectrum control of broadleaf weeds and encroaching brush so managers can extend the time between applications, increase the productivity of their spray program resulting in time and cost savings.



Navius FLEX

Navius FLEX is a new formulation for vegetation managers who need a dependable, all-in-one, easy-to-use weed and brush control product for oil and gas sites, roadsides, and electrical railway rights-of-way. Navius FLEX delivers extended, broad-spectrum control of broadleaf weeds and encroaching brush so managers can extend the time between applications, and increase the productivity of their spray program resulting in time and cost savings.


Truvist® delivers an outstanding broadleaf weed foundation to bareground weed control – helping vegetation managers increase the performance and productivity of a broadleaf weed control program. With excellent pre- and post-emergent control of the toughest broadleaf weed species at low use rates, Truvist can help boost productivity and cost savings, making it a natural choice for clean and safe industrial sites.


Our Products


Civitas WEEDfree

CIVITAS WEEDfree BRAND™ Concentrate is proven to perform. It uses less active ingredients to suppress dandelion and control broad-leaved plantain, narrow-leaved plantain, black medic, and white clover.



Finalsan Herbicidal Soap is a patented fast-acting weed, grass, algae, lichen, and moss killer. Using a specially formulated, non-staining, ammoniated soap of fatty acids, Finalsan Herbicidal Soap is a non-selective herbicide that controls and suppresses many common annual, biennial, and perennial weeds that grow around trees and shrubs; and on roofs, decks, patios, walks, bricks, and cement. ​

RoCon Concentrate

RoCon is a poison free rodenticide registered by Health Canada’s Pest Management Regulatory Agency for the control of Richardson’s ground squirrels and Norway rats. 

Aspect™ Herbicide, ClearView™ Herbicide, Garlon™ Herbicide XRT, Gateway Adjuvant™, Lontrel XC™ Herbicide, Milestone™ Herbicide, OcTTain™ XL Herbicide, Sightline™ Herbicide, Tordon™ 22K Herbicide, and VP480™ Glyphosate


5 way Tank Cleaner that reduces the chances of cross contamination. Contains sequestering agents, detergents, degreasers, wetting agents and pH modifiers. Contains no ammonia.


2,4-D Amine 600

2,4-D Amine is a cost-effective herbicide that controls a wide range of broadleaf weeds. 2,4-D Amine provides effective control of volunteer herbicide-tolerant canola and Group 2 and Group 3 herbicide-resistant weeds. ​

Detail Herbicide

Detail™ offers versatile results when tank mixed with Arsenal® Powerline or glyphosate and it has an applicator-friendly liquid formulation that provides convenient handling and mixing. With a new mode of action means fast, effective and lasting results on tough-to-control weeds.

Norac  Concepts Spray Assist Products

Other Herbicides

Corteva Herbicides

Fiesta Lawn Weed Killer

Fiesta® Lawn Weed Killer is a selective, broadleaf weed killer that leaves lawns healthy and weed-free using a specially formulated iron chelate solution. Fiesta® works quickly, delivering visible same-day results, even in cool weather. And since Fiesta® is made from iron, it has no unpleasant odour during or after application, and pets and people can reenter the treated area once the spray is dry.



Deposition Aid – A Superior new generation deposition aid that disperses easily and is economical to use. Has a wide range of application rates.

Roundup WeatherPRO

WeatherPRO® herbicide begins to killing weeds in minutes. Roundup WeatherPRO, a water soluble liquid, mixes readily with water for application as a foliage spray for the control or destruction of most herbaceous plants. 



TruRange offers a new way for ranchers to provide high quality forage for their cattle in an environmentally sustainable and effective manner. TruRange provides residual weed and brush control in one easy-to-use, low-rate product with no grazing restrictions. With less active ingredient going into the environment, TruRange brings innovation and sustainability to pasture and rangeland management.


ESCORT® Herbicide is a dry flowable granule to be mixed in water and applied as a foliar spray for control of undesirable brush/woody plants in pasture, rangeland and non-crop areas, and for control of broadleaf weeds in rough turf and non-crop areas.


Antifoaming and Defoaming Agent. A unique concentrated silicone-based anti-foamer/defoamer. Works at very low rates.

Aquasoft 63

Water Conditioner. Specially designed to reduce hard water antagonism with herbicides such as glyphosate. Modifies water hardness and pH.


PAR III is formulated for the control of hard-to-kill broadleaf weeds in lawns, golf courses, parks, and other turf growing areas. Professional lawn care experts use PAR III to provide effective control in all parts of Canada under a variety of turf growing conditions.